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2012.11.01 | 2012.01.01

Monday, November 12, 2012

been a while
well obviously been a long time since we posted this projects start.... well here we are mock-up is almost complete.... we just added the custom offset billet specialties wheel 17-9.5 fronts and 17x10 rears.. also on board are ride teck 4 link rear with coilovers , ride tech steering and muscle bar sway bars...Very close to ripping her apart for paint...check back for more updates
Mon, November 12, 2012 | link          Comments

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

69 z28 Project
Here we go .....  the 1st post of many....
We are begining a 69 z28 camaro project...Built they way GM should have in the 1st place...We will be molding 1969 styling with modern technology and a few secrets we wont reveal until later...
Wed, January 25, 2012 | link          Comments

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