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   Here at Hall's Restoration we are first and for-most a full service restoration shop. We preform full rotisserie restorations on some of the most desirable Ford and Mercury muscle cars ever built. These currently include several CJ 428 mustangs and cougars as well as a Boss 302.
   We have now decided to offer all of the great parts we use everyday available to you at these great prices. If you have a project you would like for us to restore or if you are looking for a part you do not see here please email or call us from the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible, thanks to all our customers, Jack Hall

Click below on the project gallary to see a few of the cars we are currently working on.

Project Gallery

Click below to view project cars to are available for purchase at Hall's Restoration.  Do It Yourself or We Will Do It For You!